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Health & Fitness - Achieving wellness

Good health involves mind, body and soul

January 22, 2012

Sweating at the gym, eating whole and natural foods, drinking plenty of liquids, and taking vitamin supplements are all good things that many of us try to put into practice in our daily lives so that we can enjoy good health. We tend to focus on these things because they are so tangible in our physical world. There is outward evidence when we discipline our physical selves to do what is good for us and conversely, when we don't. If diligent in this physical realm, however, then why do so many still not feel well or a have sense of contentment? The answer lies in something deeper than what is physical, to the less tangible areas of ourselves such as our emotional, mental, and spiritual natures; those parts that philosophers and prophets have spoken of throughout the ages. When these areas are excluded or not in harmony, we don't feel our best. Sometimes it can even manifest itself in a physical manner such as sickness. Some might even say that the origin of disease is due to an emotional or mental cause.



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