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Jonathan “Nathan” Gollnitz

October 12, 2012

Jonathan "Nathan" Gollnitz, 28, a Fredonia native, was killed in Pul-E Alam, Afghanistan on Sept. 26 in a roadside bombing. S. Sgt. Orion Sparks of Tucson, AZ was killed alongside Jon. Jon was the 1,999th soldier killed in Afghanistan. Our family and community grieve, but there are thousands who have also suffered loss. On September 11, 2001 Johnny was 17 years old and was attending Southern Tier (Levant) Christian High School, Falconer, New York. He graduated that next year and joined the United States Navy. After serving five years in the Navy, Jon enlisted in the Army because he wanted to be closer to "the action." Jon served a tour in Iraq and had already been injured in Afghanistan. He had only just recently returned to combat when his life was taken. Jon was a hero. Many choose safety, but Johnny chose the front lines! Jonathan Alan Gollnitz was a son and grandson. He was a brother and a friend. He was an uncle and a nephew. He was a warrior. Johnny's favorite role was father. Jon was the son of Alan and Kimberly Gollnitz of Fredonia, New York. He is survived by his grandmothers, Minnie Gollnitz also of Fredonia, and Carol Kennedy of Buffalo, NY. Jon was the oldest of six boys; Kirk, Chad, Tyler, Nick and Noah survive him. Johnny has numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and family members grieving his loss. Johnny is also survived by his mentor, friend, and uncle Martin and Diane Kennedy of Brownsville, Texas. Jon is survived by his best friend, confidante, and co-conspirator Joshua Eimers of Fairfax County, Virginia. Jonathan "Nathan" Gollnitz is most importantly survived by his four year old son, Lukas Conrad Gollnitz of Port Orange, Washington. Lukas is a young boy who will never again be held by his father. Lukas is so proud of his father, an American Soldier.



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