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Fighting and forgiveness

January 19, 2013

Some things never change. I came across an article by Daniel Ellsberg, written in October 2002. Ellsberg is the man who leaked a 7,000-page study to the press that detailed the involvement of America in Vietnam. It was the Gulf of Tompkins Resolution in 1964 that got us in the Vietnam War. Then there was the war president, the first President Bush. Then the second President Bush got us into the war in Iraq. It was second verse, same as the first. How do we as a nation get sucked in? Oh, wars are profitable for the generals, the Pentagon, the munitions people, airplane manufacturers, etc. Senator Byrd and Senator Kennedy fought against going to war in Iraq, but 75 senators from both parties voted for it. It's been the longest war we have ever fought. And it's the biggest expense in our budget, but nobody brings that up.



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