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What resolutions has the new county legislature made?

January 2, 2014

We are all anxious to see how this year's legislative body will handle the tasks before them. Their work is cut out for them. Slightly fresh with five new or returning faces and slimmed to 19 seats, this legislature must summon up a worthy resolve to tackle the challenges before them. The potential for philosophical peril is embedded in the lopsided composition of a legislature with 13 Republicans and only six Democrats. Public perception assigns tightfisted harshness to Republicans and a spendthrift recklessness to Democrats; these rigid roles may not be merited and certainly need not be inevitable. At any rate, with a two-to-one ratio, there is enhanced danger of the majority party governing with a heavy hand - the "tyranny of the majority" so feared by James Madison and John Adams and the threat Alexis de Tocqueville reiterated as a perpetual danger to the fledgling Republic, charged as it was with ensuring the rights of all Americans, including those with minority ideas.



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