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946 days ago.
by Carlaw

Vote NO in MAY

when the new school budget is presented to the city voters, we say vote NO, unless there are "drastic" cuts and or a major reduction(millions) in spending, it's time to "stop the madness" 41+ million for a population of 12,000 with a declining,tax base is as insane as it gets


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ConAgra. I am at a loss for words. The trickle down effect of this will be economically devastating. We need to be smarter about these things or it will be the last straw.

Posted 946 days ago.


So keep voting no. Doesn't take to many brains to figure that out. Send the message citizens are not happy with your spending. Why should Fredonia do any different than they have been. Budget is approved every year on first vote. That would certainly tell me I love what you are doing. Wake up Fredonia voters.

Posted 949 days ago.


you're right, carlaw, K-12 @ $20,000 per/yr equals $260,000 for a HS education (a very basic one).

Posted 950 days ago.

Captain, it would cost less to send them all to Harvard.

Posted 950 days ago.


Cap on votes? I like that idea.

The budget will likely get voted down, and the BOE expects it, so it'll either raise taxes, cut courses or use reserve funds...probably all 3. Most poor communities like DK is proof that the system (BOE, union & PERB) is broken and must be fixed!!! OVER $41M to teach 2000 kids is INSANE!!!

Posted 951 days ago.

Then they will have another vote and another until they get what they want. They should have a cap on votes.

Posted 951 days ago.

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