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Is Israel justified in attacking the northern Gaza Strip?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jul-17-14 9:08 PM

STANGV8 in the final analysis the hatred between the Muslims and the Jews is a sectarian battle that has been going on for generations. When the United states took sides in a religious war we picked a battle that can't be won and in the process we alienated a large part of the Arab world. The end result is terrorism. Shame on you for playing the race card. I thought you were smarter than that.

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Jul-17-14 6:12 PM

There is absolutely no justification for intentionally targeting non combatants. Phil I hope you aren't insinuating that was intentional? The fact that Israel has dropped leaflets warning people to get away from the rocket launch sites and making robo calls as well speaks for itself. If not for the "Iron Dome" system protecting against the unguided Iranian supplied rockets,there would be casualties on the Israeli side as well.

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Jul-17-14 5:57 PM

Why would four boys play on the beach when a shelling operation is in progress? Israel uses their missiles to protect their citizens while Hamas uses its citizens to protect their missiles. Israel gives a warning to evacuate and then attacks. They don't have ROE's that get their soldiers needlessly killed. They fight like we used to in WWII...they fight to win at all costs. And, Israel can win this war if we would only get out of the way and let them.

Also, I'm not bothered at all by the 200+ Palestinians killed. Every one of them is a combatant; if not today, tomorrow Go there. That person shaking your hand daily, selling you bread and water, and waves as you walk by each day will one day either shoot you or trigger an IED as you go by.

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Jul-17-14 9:39 AM

Stangv8 maybe you can explain the justification for yesterday's bombing of a beach in Gaza where 4 young boys were killed as a result of Israeli bombing. Does that sound like a military target? So far about 200 Palastinians have been slaughtered compared to one Iaraeli based on recent reports. Does that bother you? I have nothing against the people of Israel but I Am sick and tired of our country paying a big price in blood and money for what might be a religious war that cannot be won.

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Jul-17-14 8:36 AM

Lets not forget what and who forced the start of the 6 day war that led to the occupation of Gaza,the West Bank,AND the Golan Heights.

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Jul-16-14 10:34 PM

Phil, over the years, whenever the subject of Israel or Jews comes up, it's very apparent that you definitely have something against those people. I mean, you don't have to tell us but what did they do to you in order to make you despise this race of people?

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Jul-16-14 10:32 PM

Phil, who does it belong to? What's interesting about the whole Palestine as "confiscated land" mantra is that it was a multi-lateral decision to do so; one of the first (if not the first) mandates of the then-newly formed UN. Prior to Palestinian land being Israeli land, it belonged to the British who wrested it from the Ottoman Turks in the aftermath of WWI. Today's Palestinians always speak of "their land" when it never was a sovereign nation. It was always owned by somebody else, and the people who call themselves Palestinians were the subjects of those foreign occupiers. And here's the big rub: The Palestinians for over a thousand years never seemed to care. It's only when that land was allocated to the Jews that they got their kababs in a twist. And to be certain, if the Palestinians had tried with the Turks the same militant terror tactics they now use in an attempt to establish their own autonomy, the Turks would have slaughtered them with nary a wink's l

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Jul-16-14 2:50 PM

Stangv8 - Maybe it's because the rest of the world knows that the West Bank and Gaza are territories that don't belong to Israel. Would The United States have the right to invade Canada and claim Ontario to be the 51st. state?

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Jul-15-14 10:56 PM

Why is it that Israel is the only nation that can be militarily attacked and the rest of the world demands they do noting in retaliation? If rockets were indiscriminately lobbed into the major cities of any nation in the world, they would respond with everything they've got but for some reason, the world demands Israel uses restraint.

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Jul-15-14 8:37 PM

“We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians, and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles.” ...Bibi Netanyahu

Israel is giving a warning to an area before they send in rockets in surgical strikes. That means they're bombing selected targets. "Civilians" who've been injured or killed are mostly those who stayed as human shields. The Palestinians have always hid behind women and children when attacking Israel.

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Jul-15-14 6:44 PM

Observer sleeping again! Same question since Friday, 2 Sudokos (both the same) and praising airport naming Nalbone when I believe they were in supportof selling off. Not sure if anyone knows what's going on....and then of course there's vacations

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Jul-15-14 5:00 PM

@ Jul-15-14 12:07 PM Well a complete post that we can agree on. Thanks for stating it so well.

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Jul-15-14 12:40 PM

Yes Judeye I have been to that region,the people want that the Jewish people be eliminated! Do you know or have you read about the gas chambers in Germany? If not you should go there,it will cause you to vomit!!

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Jul-15-14 12:07 PM

Judeye, in this instance you're being blind and an idiot! The Palestinians have NEVER changed their goal, their OFFICIAL goal, to end Israel's very existence! The Palestinians were LITERALLY praising the murderers of the 3 Israelis boys, and have made no attempt to find out who they were. The Israelis on the other hand, denounced the one retaliatory killing of a Palestinian boy, and have arrested those responsible. I do NOT support all things Israel, but in this case they were provoked and attacked, and I might add that a cease fire brokered by Egypt, and accepted by Israel, was violated by rocket attacks into Israel by Hamas in a matter of hours. If I ran Israel, I'd drive the Palestinians completely out of the Golan Heights and the West bank.

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Jul-15-14 9:34 AM

RUMBLEFISH has it right. The American media is controlled by supporters of Israel. American public opinion is the product of the mass media. Adding insult to injury our American government is controlled by the same special interests. Does anyone remember when our own congressman Reed accepted a free trip to Israel along with other congressmen? Who do you suppose paid for that trip and for what reason?

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Jul-15-14 8:41 AM

No I watch read and listen to programs that show BOTH sides to an issue from sources both biased and those that seem objective.

Which is why in many cases, like this one, I know there are two sides to this very complex issue. there is not a good side and a bad one.

Have any of you ever been to that region? Do you understand the tension and conflicts?

No I do not support extremists groups that try to invoke fear in those who disagree. Extremists groups of all faiths...and from all countries.

Trying to see both sides of an issue. Trying to find common ground to compromise. Is a good thing. I know if confuses many of you who only hear one side, usually filled with opinions that are sold as facts, to think there just might be another side to an issue.

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Jul-15-14 8:33 AM

Sstangv8...that was an opinion piece. I tried to link into the links cited in the article and was unable to find anything that backed up what they said. It did lead me to a paper from Israel which of course had a slanted view.

I am just saying this is horrible on BOTH SIDES. Do you understand the Israel reaction to the kidnapping and murders? How many were arrested and still being held without charges? The homes and news stations, etc destroyed. The number killed so far in retaliation.

Then a Palestinian boy was burned alive and his cousin severely beaten.

There are NO winners. Only losers.

It is time for lasting peace. The only question is how....

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Jul-15-14 6:37 AM

it's well known that all the major news medias are controlled by Jewish interests, yet most Americans, swallow the reporting hook, line, and sinker, always have and will always will, when was the last time Israel was painted the "bad guy" world press tainted by Jewish influence can only make Israel look good all the time

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Jul-15-14 5:22 AM

We have alot to talk about

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Jul-15-14 12:14 AM

I'm ALWAYS with Israel because they're up front and take no bull and defend their country to the fullest. They have the leadership which unfortunately is more thanwe have here. They are our friends and outside of Jordan the only middle east country that has their head together

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Jul-14-14 3:28 PM

Joe if you haven't figured it out yet judeye only watches left wing propaganda news sources and really sees nothing wrong with what muslim nations do to others. This is part of the reason for the nicknames you see in here of blindeye and dudeye. She has no empathy for any thing or any one else except the left wing hate she spouts.

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Jul-14-14 1:09 PM

Judeye are you blind???????? The Palestinian's are dancing in the streets! What the H E L L channel is it you watch???? ONN?

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Jul-14-14 12:46 PM

Judeye, this from USA Today...not FOX...USA Today.

Israel forcefully and immediately condemned those responsible for the murder of the innocent Palestinian boy, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing to hold them accountable, calling it an "abominable murder." Israeli media outlets all expressed outrage, condemnation and sympathy. This stands in stark contrast to the Palestinians reaction to the kidnapping and killing of the Jewish boys. Hamas, a member of the Palestinian parliament, said those that kidnapped the Israeli teens were 'heroes' and should be praised. They offered no condemnation. No sympathy. While Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas condemned the kidnappings (and the Israeli response), the Palestinian Authority's official Facebook released cartoons glorifying the kidnapping, depicting the Jewish teens as rats caught on fishing hooks.

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Jul-14-14 12:19 PM

Where do you live? Our quality of life is collapsing more and more every day. We need to stay out!!! Other countries don't seem to feel the need to solve any one else's problems and are doing just fine.

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Jul-14-14 9:49 AM

It seems as though the United States creates its own problems by getting involved in other countries politics and wars. We are 225 years old the middle east has been there since the beginning of time. We are NOT going to change the way they live or govern. If we had not shoved our way in perhaps we would not be the target of terrorism. One day we support Israel the next Palestine. All this started back in 1948 after WW2 when England sent the Jews back to Israel and kept doing so knowing the country was not large enough to handle the influx of people. Israel took the GAza strip and Palestine has not forgotten nor will it.

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